Girl Scouts Ain’t What it Used to Be

Ok. So I think I’m going to piss off a lot of people with this post, including some of my dear friends. But I can’t help but share my thoughts on the subject matter. This is NOT a judgement on other parents. I don’t believe in Mommy Wars. I’m just sharing an observation…

In the past few days I’ve been bombarded with Facebook status updates, Instagram photos and emails from parents of Girl Scouts asking for support in helping their child reach their cookie sales goals. I get it. Times have changed. Social media is now our go-to outlet for almost everything. I also get that these social mediums are the perfect way to reach the masses and quickly.

What I don’t get, is how this teaches our kids about hard work, personal relationships and entrepreneurship. In a way, this is no different than when parents bring the Girl Scout cookie sheet to work (which I also think is missing the point a bit). But what about the kid with a stay at home mom or a traveling salesman for a dad? What happened to good old fashioned door-to-door sales where kids learn about being assertive and building confidence and learning how to overcome a “no”? I’m not saying that this stuff isn’t happening alongside the FB posts, it just makes me realize how much things have changed since I was a Girl Scout. Sure, friendly competition was always a part of the fun but I’m afraid we’ve come to value the number of boxes sold over the experience?? Perhaps not and I’m just reading too much into it. Plus, how am I supposed to choose which friend to support? Whatever happened to the “early bird catches the worm?” With instant messages, I’m caught between 20 friends and trying to support an extended group of girls!

I love that as parents we are so passionate about helping…I mean what better way to get involved and engaged with our kids!? And as parents I get that we are all VERY busy and that sending out an email is certainly efficient. I just wish a little girl, with a parent in tow, would come and knock on my door! I would buy a shit load of cookies! But I haven’t seen a Girl Scout in my neighborhood in years…

– The Confessioness



  1. You ain’t pissin’ me off. What this is going to do (if it gets in the eye of the cookie beholder) is either a) make them a tad defensive because they kno w this is truth or b) wake them up! I read a status on FB yesterday very similar to this brilliant rant and a lot of the cookie moms saw it. I think they got the picture. You are so right my dear dear friend. I used to go door to door as I was a daisy all the way to a junior! Taught me so much! I am with you 100%! Preach on mama. Preach on!

    1. Valley Mom – Can I profess my love for you over the internet or would that be weird? xoxo

  2. […] It’s not about getting wrapped up in sheltering them or living for them and doing things to ensure their “success”, however you define that […]

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