Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day is coming up and if you’re like me, you might be starting to hyperventilate at the thought of having to prepare for yet another holiday. Didn’t we just take down our Christmas lights? Fret not, my friends. Even though Valentines Day is my least favorite holiday, I happen to love shopping. Which means I’ve already done the dirty work for you and scrounged up some really fun gift ideas for your nearest and dearest. You can thank me later for saving your sanity and doing it without breaking the bank. 😉

I’ve included just a few of my favorites below but you can view the entire collection on my Pinterest board, Valentines Day Gift Guide. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my board “Gifts for the Rugged Outdoorsman” if you’re looking for more manly gift inspiration. It was featured on Pinterest’s Gift Giving Holiday Guide so there is lots of burly stuff to choose from.

For the Le Bebes:

Heart bathing suit Heart Dressradio flyerpick-a-boo_puppet_dog-475x600

1. It’s winter everywhere else but here in CA, it’s beach weather and I’m adoring this heart printed one-piece from Gap. So cute and flirty…on sale until 1/29!

2. If you’re looking for a warmer way to show you care, this heart dress (also from Gap) is a sweet addition to any little girl’s closet. Throw on some stockings and red galoshes – you’ve got yourself a fashionista!

3. This classic red tricycle, by Radio Flyer, is every boy’s dream. My son has a different version and we can’t get him out of it! Built to last so you can cycle (no pun intended) down to other siblings throughout the years!

4. I’m so in love with this dog hand puppet by Cate & Levi. Let your child run with their imagination. TONS of other awesome gift ideas, from C&L like this giraffe stuffed animal, bunny hat and pirate mittens!

For the Boys:

tool boxmustache bandageBeer + Fooda030bd3403cd5980c508ebd790264e9d

1. Nothing says “I love You” like this classic toolbox. Perfect for corralling all of the unnecessary tools they never use to fix things around the house 😉

2. Mustache bandages are a cute gag gift that can actually go to use!

3. This Beer & Food calendar is the way to your beau’s heart and a swank piece of art to add to his “office” a.ka. the “garage” or “man cave”.

4. These awesome leather whiskey tags, from Crate & Barrel, are a great bar accessory. Attach it to your man’s favorite bottle and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift! Only $4.95 each!

For the Beauties:

beautiful lotionheart scarffedoraheart water

1. I love the message behind this  “Beautiful” lotion from Olivine. Women often forget just how beautiful they are! I keep this on my sink as a reminder that even though I don’t always feel beautiful, I’m loved and adored!

2. Wrap your sweetheart up in this sweet heart scarf. Check out the website for more colors – $11.95!

3. The color of this Speakeasy Fedora just screams amore! I’m drawn to the rich, dark burgundy and the class style.

4. Not only are these bkr bottles the best around but their adorably perfect for Valentines Day! Minimalistic and stylish!


– The Confessioness


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