Fashion Friday: Fall Part One

When I found out I was having a boy, I was over the moon. A self professed tomboy, I silently thanked the Universe for sparing me from my own personal hell known as pink bows, lacey things, shrieking girls and Justin Bieber concerts.

However, despite my tendency to gravitate towards a no frills lifestyle, I am a closet fashionista with a severe addiction to internet shopping.

For the last two years, I’ve put very little effort into Wes’ wardrobe since most of his clothes resemble a tattered napkin by the end of the day. But alas, my inner shopaholic can hold out no longer. That is why I bring you, “Fashion Fridays”.  Each Friday I will blog about some of my favorite finds in kids fashion.

Whether or not these items ever make their way into Wes’ closet, I love seeing the creativity and ingenuity happening across children’s clothing and accessory brands.

Today’s Fashion Friday is inspired by my favorite season, Fall.


Fall Fashion


1. Jacket/Zara. Henley/H&M. Jeans/Zara. Shoes/Tom’s

2. Jacket/H&M. Sweatshirt/H&M. Cotton Pants/H&M. Shoes/Gap

3. Jacket/H&M. Shirt/H&M. Chinos/H&M. Shoes/Zara.

Weston owns several of the items featured in this post and we love them all. I used to shop primarily at Old Navy or Children’s Place for basics, as the pricing can’t be beat. The problem is that the clothes just don’t hold up. By the third wash, most of the clothes I bought had shrunk beyond recognition and we ended up tossing them out or giving them away. While these brands are a bit more expensive, we get much more wear out of them. Now if I could just suspend time or at least slow it down, I might get through a full season without Wes growing out of everything!

What are some of your favorite brands?


-The Confessioness


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