Fashion Friday: Fall Part Deux

It’s that time again when I help you spend your hard earned money ;).

I’m not going to lie, this round up was a bit harder. I’m severely out of practice when it comes to shopping for girls and as much as I can’t wait for Fall, I’ve been less than motivated to look for warm clothes while it’s 105 degrees here in the valley. In the end it all came together and I made it out alive sans sparkles and pink bows.


OUTFIT 1 with overlay


(1). This first outfit was my attempt at transitioning into a fall look with layered pieces while still maintaining a summer nautical feel. I love the hint of yellow on the puffer vest paired with the bright yellow Hunter boots. As the weather continues to cool, pair this with tights or leggings and a cute pair of gloves! Im also picturing some red stud earrings…but that’s just me.

(Clockwise) Bien Long Sleeve Tee/Zara (similar here), Denim Skirt/Old Navy, Floral Puffer Vest/Gap, Rain Boots/Hunter, Beenie/Hanna Anderson

outfit-2 with overlays(2.) There is something about this ensemble that I find really sweet and yet not overly “girly” per say. I think it’s the dusty rose colored shoes and the adorable, animal eared coat coupled with the relaxed jeans that make this the perfect combo of sugar and spice. Simple, cute, and comfy…that’s my kind of outfit.

(Clockwise) Polka Dot Tee/Target, Hooded Coat/H&M, Burgundy Moccasins/Mini Mocks, Jeans/Gap

OUTFIT 3(3.) Lastly, I had to throw at least one outfit in here that was slightly tomboy material! I don’t know what it is about kids in overalls that I love so much but I couldn’t resist these heart embellished cuties. I just happened to see them in the mall today and they are even better in person. Since cats are all the rage right meow, I had to add this kitty tee to the mix. Paired with these badass leopard slip ons, this little lady is fierce!

(Clockwise) Overalls/H&M, Kitty Tee/Gap, Steve Madden Leopard Shoes/Nordstrom, Parka/H&M

That’s it for today’s fashion finds. Hope you enjoyed!

-The Confessioness


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