Fashion Friday: Fright Night Fashion


Fright Night Fashion 2I wish everyday were Halloween. I could stroll into work looking like the zombie I normally wake up looking like and no one would say a thing. I would eat endless amounts of candy and wear slutty outfits without being ridiculed. I wouldn’t have to dust my house because cobwebs are cool and I would finally be accepted as the witch I am.

All kidding aside, I love Halloween because it’s a chance to indulge in sweets, treats and creative whims. It also happens to be the anniversary of the day I met my husband, so I had an especially good time getting into the spirit and gathering these spooky finds for you.


1. “Boo” Pillow/Freddy Alphabet 2. Denim Jeans/Dudley Denim 3. Spooky Arrple Tee/Ahoy Tees 4. Vans Shoes/Vans 5. Felt Skelton Mask/DeBoop Shop 6. Zombie Slayer Tee/Press Play Kids Clothing 7. Zombie Leggings/Press Play Kids Clothing 8. Monster Peg Dolls/Sunshine Clementine 9. Skeleton Mocs/Happy and the Hectic

Happy Haunting!

– The Confessioness











One comment

  1. Hahaa! You crack me up Confessioness! You are hardly a zombie when you wake up! Cute lil outfits!

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