Fashion Friday: Rockin’ Mocs

All I have to say is that my husband is so damn lucky we don’t have a girl. If we did, I would surely syphon our savings account in order to feed my moc addiction. Don’t misunderstand, I’ve seen some little dudes rock the moccasin look – I’m just not sure it works on my son.

Moccasins seem to be the white t-shirt of shoes. You can literally wear them with anything. Leggings, jeans, dresses, rompers, shorts – they look good with them all. And with moccasins becoming so popular over the last few years, new companies are popping up all over the place and pushing the creative limits. Long gone is the solid colored leather moc of yesterday. Cutting edge design styles now boast exotic prints, embellishments and materials that will make your feet melt.

And talk about eye candy! It’s hard to resist this Skittle inspired rainbow of moccasins!


1. The Blush Bootie/Leetle Chicken Shop 2. Starfish Moccasin/Mini Mocs 3. Bohemian Plum Tassle Moccasin/Happy & The Hectic 4. Pale Mint Suede Bow Moccasin/Hubble and Duke 5. Ruby Red Classic Bow Moccasin/Hubble and Duke 6. Tiny Hearts Bootie/Leetle Chicken Shop 7. Green Bow Moccasin/The Coral Pear 8. Royal George Navy Blue Moccasin/Hubble and Duke 9. Gray Felt Moccasin/The Coral Pear 10. Batman Black Mocassin/Hubble and Duke 11. Denim Suede Moccasin/Freshly Picked 12. Lilac Shimmer Moccasin/The Coral Pear 13. Stay Golden Suede Moccasin/Freshly Picked 14. Elk Moccasin/Mini Mocs 15. With Cream & Sugar Moccasin/Freshly Picked 16. Merci Moccasin/Freshly Picked

You can also visit Hot Cocoa Moccasins, Potato Feet, and PaperKrane for even more unique designs. But I have to say, my must have mocs are out of Australia and can be found at fromZion. Here are a few of my favorites:

PicMonkey Collage


(From left to right) 1. Ivory Pony Hair Bow Moccasin    2. Blush Peep Toe Moccasin 3. Gunmetal No Frills Moccasin

I love the quality, design and richness of colors and fabrics offered and for $45 AUD ($39 USD), the price comes in lower than most I’ve come across. Don’t you just love that peep toe design? So stinking cute…

So go on – taste the rainbow 😉

-The Confessioness




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