Our Favorite Toys This Week

Sand 2

Spring is in the air here in Los Angeles, which means I’ve started clearing out the closets and making room for summer. Cleaning Weston’s room is always a bit nostalgic – it’s like digging into a time capsule. My heart aches just a little bit each time I pack away clothes that are too small even though I’m sure I bought them not but a month earlier. It’s a glaring reminder that a little man has replaced my baby and that time is moving too quickly for my liking.

But it’s also fun to reminisce about the toys Wes was into from the year prior – to see whats been shoved into a dark corner underneath the bed or which favorites still hold a coveted spot on the shelf. There are definitely some oldies but goodies that he keeps rediscovering or playing with in a new way. Others have been tossed aside and no longer hold his interest.


As Weston continues to develop his fine motor skills, I’ve noticed he enjoys spending more time in focused, creative play.

This Kinetic Sand has quickly become a new favorite for both Wes and me. He enjoys using molds and cookie cutters to make fun shapes and objects and I enjoy the 45 minutes it affords me to make dinner 🙂 It’s not messy like traditional sand and has a really cool texture that sticks to itself but not to other surfaces. It’s soft, pliable and the perfect option for sensory play. Clean up takes 2 seconds.

I usually grab a tin baking sheet, a few cookie cutters and some other cups/molds from around the house and let Wes sit at the table while I cook. The baking sheet provides a small contained area he can play in so the sand doesn’t end up all over the floor. When done playing, I throw the sand in a zip lock bag for storage.

Kinetic Sand


We are also a little obsessed with making pretend birthday cakes and singing “Happy Birthday”!


My 27 month old no longer shows interest in wooden puzzles like this one, stuffed animals, one word picture books, this play tent and pretty much anything that looks like it’s for a baby 😦

What are some of your little ones’ favorite toys?

– The Confessioness





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