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Fashion Friday: Rockin’ Mocs

All I have to say is that my husband is so damn lucky we don’t have a girl. If we did, I would surely syphon our savings account in order to feed my moc addiction. Don’t misunderstand, I’ve seen some little dudes rock the moccasin look – I’m just not sure it works on my son. Moccasins […]

Thai Shrimp Tacos & Homemade Margaritas

  It never fails that I plan to do major yard work when it’s wicked hot. This weekend was no exception. I spent the vast majority of Sunday in the sweltering heat, digging, planting – sweating! Have you ever tried removing Morning Glory? I’d rather have a root canal. But I digress… Aside from an infestation of Morning […]

Sunday Pancakes

It’s  7:00 am and the sun is shining. I’ve been in the kitchen for the last half hour putting my apron to good use. The smell of freshly brewed coffee, sizzling bacon and homemade pancakes fills the air. It must be Sunday morning. I didn’t have many traditions growing up except maybe for Sunday brunch. Back then […]