Confessions of a New Mom:  My big boy’s first day of daycare! When I dropped him off he went sprinting towards his new friends. As I tried to steal his attention away from the toys, my last glimpse of him before I left was of his back. I couldn’t help but fast forward to the years ahead. As if in a time lapse version I saw him at his first day of preschool, middle school, high school and college. Before I knew it he was married and had been gone from the house a long time. And all I saw in each of these stages was his back as he walked towards his future…growing, changing, learning, loving. But today he is still my baby and I am so excited for him! Can’t wait to see him later and celebrate a big day! We love you, Weston (Original post date: July 23rd, 2013)

Sad is the day when we part from our children. Whether it’s to Grandma’s for the afternoon, the first day of preschool or getting ready for college, it’s never easy to watch our little ones leave the nest and in effect leave us behind. Weston’s first day of school was particularly hard for me. Not because he screamed bloody murder when I left but more so because he didn’t! Nothing thrills me more than to watch his little face light up when he gets to school. I love that he loves his friends. I love that he welcomes new experiences and that he enjoys spending time with people other than me. All these things make him a really well-rounded kid and for that I am very grateful. I know his future holds a wealth of happiness and I know he can’t wait to get wherever it is he is going, but what I wouldn’t give to have time stand still for just a little longer…

– The Confessioness

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  1. Boo, thanks for the tears! I can hardly bare it that he makes it by himself from our kitchen down one step to the den!!!

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