I started a blog! Wait…WTF…I started a blog?


If you’re like me and you have kids, you had 50 things you were supposed to accomplish before you even got up this morning. You are perpetually running in the negative for mental energy, sleep and probably sex. You eat leftover highchair remains standing up (if you eat at all) and compare your productivity levels to that of Ryan Seacrest when you’ve managed to shit, shower and shave all in one day. If you’re like me, you’re probably reading this on your smartphone in the bathroom where you’ve escaped with a “stomachache” just to get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

So when I initially thought of starting a blog I became flooded with anxiety. Between work, the baby, the house, my much larger 35 year old baby and all my other commitments, I didn’t know how I would find the time. But when you’re already drowning in diapers, one more shit storm isn’t going to change the tides. Plus, I needed an escape besides the toilet. So I rearranged some priorities and did what most people in my situation would do…I used company time to start my blog! And poof – it’s here! 😉

And so, let me welcome you to what is sure to be one seriously lousy blog. What started as casual Facebook musings, otherwise known to my friends as “Confessions of a New Mom”, has turned into…well, this. Since I am no longer a “new” mom, with a little over a year under my belt, I am writing as a “not so new mom” however I’m still making all the same stupid mistakes and observations.

Without further adieu…I give you…”Confessions of a Not so New Mom”. I will be posting last years confessions for your viewing pleasure so don’t forget to check them out!

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  1. So excited for you! Thank you for sharing!

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