Anthropologie’s Newest Fad Goes Up in Smoke


I love Anthropolgie. Always have. I love that overpriced feeling of understated sophistication I get when I walk in the door. I love the rustic, “made in India for $.03 but marked up to $300” look about everything. And the scent of “white rich girl” always stays with me for days after I’ve left. No but seriously, I really do love Anthropologie. I often plop down in their home section, kick off my shoes and pretend I live there…until I’m removed by some crunchy sales girl with a crunchy tude.

That said, Anthropologie must think we are morons with their latest invention, “wishing papers”. Wishing paper is perhaps their saddest attempt at robbing us blind. For $7.95 you get ten pieces of 7×7 inch pieces of glorified tissue paper, which is ultimately meant to be lit on fire. So your money is literally going up in flames. Sweet, where do I sign up?

I took the liberty of making my very own wishing papers. I think they came out quite nice for a DIY project. Although there was a lot involved in this process, I’ve included the instructions below in case you want to attempt to make these your own:

1. Buy some tissue paper from the $.99 store

2. Cut tissue paper into 7×7 inch pieces (this may require a ruler)

3. Write “Wish” on them

4. Make a wish

5. Light those little bitties on fire

The end.

Do you think I can put these on Etsy? I’m running low on funds.


– The Confessioness


  1. Love that store, but wish paper is a joke!! Good call mama

    1. I so agree, Karen! JOKE!

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