As you know from the “About Me” section, this blog was born out of all the crazy observations I had in my first year of being a Mom. I will continue to post about all of my current confessions but first let’s pay tribute to some of my favorite confessions from 2013! This one is […]

It’s that time of year when we conjure up all sorts of resolutions that will somehow make us “better” in the New Year. We pledge to quit smoking. Cut back on caffeine. Get more rest. My all-time favorite: we will declare war on our overindulged bodies, vowing to replace Twinkies for green beans and the couch for […]

If you’re like me and you have kids, you had 50 things you were supposed to accomplish before you even got up this morning. You are perpetually running in the negative for mental energy, sleep and probably sex. You eat leftover highchair remains standing up (if you eat at all) and compare your productivity levels […]