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Anthropologie’s Newest Fad Goes Up in Smoke

I love Anthropolgie. Always have. I love that overpriced feeling of understated sophistication I get when I walk in the door. I love the rustic, “made in India for $.03 but marked up to $300” look about everything. And the scent of “white rich girl” always stays with me for days after I’ve left. No […]

Always Close Your Mouth

Confessions of a New Mom #6 – Always, always, ALWAYS close your mouth when playing superman. Throw up in the mouth beats poop on the hands any day (March 15th) I needed a good laugh today and this confession felt like just the thing to do it. Not much to say on this one other […]

Because it’s Friday. And I hate Fridays.

It’s Friday, folks. I have such a love-hate relationship with Fridays. Obviously it’s the last day of the workweek and therefore the start of the weekend, which most consider to be a good thing. And it is, mostly. But it’s also the end of the workweek. Didn’t I just say that? The end of the […]

Raunchier than Miley Cyrus, Dirtier than Ke$ha’s Underwear

The hubs has been out of town for the last four days which means my laziness has reached an all-time record high while my “Trophy Wife” status (bahaha) has plummeted…drastically. I didn’t plan to be this disgusting or lazy or pathetic while he was gone, it just happened. I know I have to clean it […]

Our Epic Fail at Homemade Play Dough

It was a little cold yesterday here in Los Angles…and by cold I mean slightly below 75 degrees. Wes was moping around the house looking extremely bored with all of his toys. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out some DIY kids activities I’ve been collecting on Pinterest. I wanted the fastest, […]

The Journey Back to Me

Last week was a bit of an emotional purging for me and I mean that in a really beautiful way.  I accidentally rediscovered myself and in doing so, rediscovered a new found joy about who “I” am and all it took was a Yoga class and one too many glasses of Sauvignon Blanc… This last […]


Confessions of a New Mom:  My big boy’s first day of daycare! When I dropped him off he went sprinting towards his new friends. As I tried to steal his attention away from the toys, my last glimpse of him before I left was of his back. I couldn’t help but fast forward to the […]

My Vagina Monologues: My Not so Private, Privates

A few months back I managed to make it out to a concert for a much needed girls’ night. In typical new mom fashion, it wasn’t long into the evening before I found myself talking about my son. The conversation started out innocent enough.  I answered the standard introductory questions that often get asked when […]

TBT Confessions

Confessions of a New Mom: I love when people tell you that in order to prepare yourself for parenthood you should get a plant or a dog. Are you kidding? A plant? Try a shitting, crying, crawling, walking, playing, eating, hold me -no don’t hold me, dirty, accident prone Tasmanian devil hybrid that multiplies any […]

6 Reasons You Need Your Kids

I’ll be honest. Up until recently this whole parenthood thing has felt uncomfortably one-sided. I mean, my son is practically a black belt in consumption. The more I give the more he takes. And when I have nothing left to give or simply can’t give fast enough, a quick teary-eyed banshee scream and back arching […]