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Cancer, The “Beingness” of Parenting and Everything in Between

Before I jump into this post, I wanted to take a second and explain the reason for my absence over the last few months. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to sit down and write and no doubt about it, I’m feeling a little rusty and insecure. I’ve edited this post about […]

Because Faith is Beyond My Reach

Life is incredible. It really is. If your my friend it’s not uncommon to hear me say, “I love my life!” It’s kind of my phrase. I tend to blurt it out in some insignificant moment when nothing particularly amazing is happening, other than allowing myself to fully absorb said moment. It’s something I’ve come […]

Always Close Your Mouth

Confessions of a New Mom #6 – Always, always, ALWAYS close your mouth when playing superman. Throw up in the mouth beats poop on the hands any day (March 15th) I needed a good laugh today and this confession felt like just the thing to do it. Not much to say on this one other […]

Because it’s Friday. And I hate Fridays.

It’s Friday, folks. I have such a love-hate relationship with Fridays. Obviously it’s the last day of the workweek and therefore the start of the weekend, which most consider to be a good thing. And it is, mostly. But it’s also the end of the workweek. Didn’t I just say that? The end of the […]

Raunchier than Miley Cyrus, Dirtier than Ke$ha’s Underwear

The hubs has been out of town for the last four days which means my laziness has reached an all-time record high while my “Trophy Wife” status (bahaha) has plummeted…drastically. I didn’t plan to be this disgusting or lazy or pathetic while he was gone, it just happened. I know I have to clean it […]

The Journey Back to Me

Last week was a bit of an emotional purging for me and I mean that in a really beautiful way.  I accidentally rediscovered myself and in doing so, rediscovered a new found joy about who “I” am and all it took was a Yoga class and one too many glasses of Sauvignon Blanc… This last […]


Confessions of a New Mom:  My big boy’s first day of daycare! When I dropped him off he went sprinting towards his new friends. As I tried to steal his attention away from the toys, my last glimpse of him before I left was of his back. I couldn’t help but fast forward to the […]

My Vagina Monologues: My Not so Private, Privates

A few months back I managed to make it out to a concert for a much needed girls’ night. In typical new mom fashion, it wasn’t long into the evening before I found myself talking about my son. The conversation started out innocent enough.  I answered the standard introductory questions that often get asked when […]

TBT Confessions

Confessions of a New Mom: I love when people tell you that in order to prepare yourself for parenthood you should get a plant or a dog. Are you kidding? A plant? Try a shitting, crying, crawling, walking, playing, eating, hold me -no don’t hold me, dirty, accident prone Tasmanian devil hybrid that multiplies any […]

6 Reasons You Need Your Kids

I’ll be honest. Up until recently this whole parenthood thing has felt uncomfortably one-sided. I mean, my son is practically a black belt in consumption. The more I give the more he takes. And when I have nothing left to give or simply can’t give fast enough, a quick teary-eyed banshee scream and back arching […]